Tuesday, January 6, 2015

Fake snow recipes and experiments

Exploding snow                                                             Moon snow
1. small bottle of shaving cream                                   1. 1/2-1/4 cup of vegetable or mineral oil
2. small box of baking soda.                                         2. 2 cups of cornstarch
3. 1/2 cup White vinegar

Mix baking soda and shaving cream in large bowl.     medium-sized bowl first was a
pore in the Vinegar to make it fizz.                              spoon and then with your hands.
experiments                                                                  experiments 

put in more vinegar see how                                        look at it under a microscope
meany time it will fizz.   

: footnote                                                                     : footnote
after putting vinegar in the concoction
the concoction appears to separate.                               something appears to be shif to at my tuch         remember to experiment in beakers next time.             look as close as possible

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